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Make the most of your membership by utilizing all the resources available to you.

On the TECHNICAL RESOURCES page, you will find many helpful learning aids including videos, print outs, and lists of all the techniques you will need to know for your next belt promotion test. The list of techniques can be printed out and put on the wall of your training space, as a guide for what to practice.

You may even wish to use a training diary, to write down the techniques you learnt in class, and any special tips your instructor gave you specifically, so that you can re-inforce these things at home. Any notebook will do, or training workbooks will soon be available in our web store.

If you don't train at home, your instructor will be re-teaching you the same thing next week. Students who train at home, retain what they have learnt from the previous class, and can build and progress from that point in the following lesson.


Two weeks prior to the end of term, students need to choose which class they will be enroling in. All enrolments must be processed and paid for online through our website only. If the student has not been advised to grade, they must click the option to enrol without grading. If the student has been awarded all six coloured stripes on their current belt, and their instructor has deemed them ready to attend belt promotion grading, they must click on the option for the rank they currently are on (not the rank you want to be promoted to). If you have not enrolled by the cut off time you will not be able to attend the upcoming grading ceremony, and you may risk not getting your preferred class day or time.